Bouquet of stars

Poetry Chapel Volume 3.
An anthology of exquisite poetry by mystical poet Chelan Harkin alongside 12 selected poets from around the world.


About The Book

In 2022, celebrated mystic poet Chelan Harkin invited 12 emerging poets from across the globe to participate in a three month Poetry Chapel immersive writing experience.  From their time together this volume of poetry surfaced.

Bouquet of Stars contains over 40 powerful poems by Chelan Harkin and a collection of carefully selected pieces from among twelve other poets.

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About the Lead Poet.

Bouquet of Stars is an anthology of poetry.  The collection is made up of two parts. The first half, poetry by Chelan Harkin. The second half, a collection of poems from Poetry Chapel poets from across the globe.

Chelan Harkin has always had a close connection with the spiritual world, a loving, ecstatic and expressive spirit, and an intimacy in her soul that she longs to share with others and the whole world. Poetry is one of her favorite, most satisfying ways to accomplish this.

Chelan comes with years of writing experience and two beautiful self-published collections to her name. Her work is highly influenced by other mystical poets including Hafiz and Rumi and has reached an international audience. Chelan’s poetry has even been highly regarded by American poetry and interpreter of mystical poetry Daniel Ladinsky. 


What’s inside

The Poets

Chelan Harkin
Tracy Brown
Beverly Frederick
Kristen Guerrero
Susie Rafferty Glad
Michael Harrison
Venka Payne
Charlotte Robertson
Lisa Perskie Rodriguez
Laura Scheele
Paul Senn
Velusia Van Horssen
Elaine Watson




Each Poetry Chapel Poet has their own section containing a bio and 6 pages of carefully selected and edited personal poems spanning race, age, gender, religion and everything in between

Writing has nothing to do with crafting perfect, calligraphied words— grab the inkwell and spill your truth.

Chelan Harkin

A poem is a thumbprint of the soul and the page wants you to leave your evidence.

Chelan Harkin

Look at your Mother deeply in both eyes until roles dissolve into mystery and bottomless love.

Chelan Harkin

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